Eco-Fashion for the Urban Cyclist: Pedaler Clothing

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Images: Pedaler Clothing

We know you think you look good in Lycra, but you also need options. We're always on the prowl for bike-friendly fashions with eco-attributes and are glad to add Pedaler Clothing to the list. NYC designers Trinity Kerr and Virginia Elwood (also a badass tattoo artist) have assembled a fledgling line of urban bike apparel ranging from Ts and hoodies to denim and an organic canvas messenger bag. Everything is US-made and 1% of profits go to cycling organizations.
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Stylish, bike-centric fashions continue to pop up, to our great delight. Here's a sampling of five chic cycle brands, a more conservative British approach, some aesthetically acceptable specimens with built-in safety features, and then of course there is the Pivot dress shirt for men. Players like Lacoste and Yves Behar are conducting design experiments in safety and aesthetics that may also redefine the role of the helmet. We also recently posted on Veja's limited line of fixie-friendly sneaks.

Expect to see Pedaler's line expand. This shmata ain't cheap: hoodies are $125, the jacket is $160, and organic canvas bag is $275. But with the money you save on gas, Metro fare, and gym membership, you just might be able to afford it.

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