Eco-Fashion Designers Kick Off Sustainability Across America Tour

SUST van photo

Photo credit: SUST

When the going gets tough, the tough pack their bags, put pedal to the metal, and motor across the country. That's the plan, at least, for SUST, an eco-apparel label based out of San Francisco that is using a faltering economy as an opportunity to get people fired up about sustainability in fashion.

The three-month Sustainability Across America Tour, spearheaded by SUST's social media maven/brand ambassador/van driver Laura Jones, is part brand-awareness campaign, part mobile grassroots movement.Sponsored by EcoSalon, cmarchuska, Indigenous Designs, Ryann, Restore Clothing, and Guayaki, the environmental road trip will include interviews with sustainable fashion's movers and shakers, while featuring some of the nation's most beautiful natural treasures.

Hop on the Web 2.0-powered SUST van and trace Jones' intrepid journey through the tour's blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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