Eco-Boutique Opens in San Diego

Just walking through the front doors of Migrate Home, you begin to feel better. Owner Lindy Boynton wants customers to know that you don't have to sacrifice style to be green and therefore designed her studio to be comfortable and also environmental. Recently I sat down with Lindy to talk about the opening of her new store and all things fashionably green.

The idea for an eco-boutique originally began when Lindy was working for several large fashion companies. 'I was always the one asking "more" about the clothes we were purchasing and after awhile it became frustrating. Fashion is what I'm good at and so I decided that if this is what I'm doing for my career then I'm going to do something that I feel good about.'Migrate Home opened its doors December 2006 and is already involved in the community, by recently hosting a Green Drinks San Diego event and with its rotating art display from area artisans. Lindy began to seriously consider opening a store just a few months before, in April, after the loss of her dad and Aunt, both to cancer. 'I just decided that it was sink or swim and that I had to do something. I was tired of clothing that deteriorates the land, that involves child labor, and that uses toxic chemicals, which are easy to eliminate.'

Eco fashion is an unfulfilled market and I'm hoping that I can use Migrate Home to educate consumers about making responsible choices. Why purchase 5 tshirts for $5 when they wont last after a few washes? Instead, why not purchase 1 tshirt that you really like, that will be around for awhile and that doesn't ruin the environment in the process.

The first half of the shop is housewares and items like baby clothes and dirt candles. As you move through the store you find mens and womens clothes and even a few eco-shoes. The floor and most of the shelving is a dark brown wood that has a very soothing feeling. The art matches the store with water and outdoorsy themed items throughout. The indie-rock in the background nicely mellows the whole experience, as if the comfortably designed store was not enough.

Migrate Home carries items from Edun, Stewart+Brown, Loomstate, Twice Shy, Toms Shoes, Simple, Kim White and Bambu. The Toms Shoes are really popular now, Boynton said, and so all of these hipster kids keep coming in asking for them. Its pretty funny. For additional ideas, Boynton reads Treehugger, Organic Style, Good and Natural Home, but also reads fashion mags like Lucky and Domino to check out the competition.

While not all of the display cases are environmental, there are green bits of things lovingly interspersed in the store. Take for example, the rope looped through the womens display area which came from her mother's boat, or, my favorite, the wood-cutting art backdrop behind her desk which she hand-constructed from a fallen tree.

In the future, Boynton hopes to open a store in northern California and to include bath/body products in the store. In addition, the store will feature more sustainable furniture as it expands.

'I'm not perfect, says Boynton when asked about green purchasing, nobody is. Just work to balance life and think about every choice you make. It's the little things that make a difference, whether its humanitarian, or ecological or social. Think about why an item is so expensive, think about the bigger picture. From seed to shelf, as they say in the industry.'

Migrate-Home recently launched their website which you can check out at: Migrate Home or visit the store at 931 South Coast Highway, Suite C103, Encinitas (Behind the Starbucks in the Lumberyard).

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