eco Bella Bello's Kids Graphic Tees: Visit Hamsterdam and Los Antelope in Spring 2010 Preview


eco Bella Bello's organic cotton 'Los Antelope, California' tee. Credit: eco Bella Bello

The designers behind Everlasting Hope are outfitting youngsters in certified organic fabrics come Spring/Summer 2010 with eco Bella Bello -- a collection of kid-sized graphic tees. View a preview of the cute and catchy organic-cotton tees, after the jump.


'Hamsterdam, Holland' 100% organic cotton tee. Credit: eco Bella Bello
Kinder to 'Mother Nature and your Bambino's skin'
Their brand slogan above speaks to their use of certified organic fabric and practices. The Spring/Summer 2010 collection consists of organic cotton tees -- in sizes, 2,4, 5/6, 7/8 -- all made with 100% organic cotton, dyed with low impact dyes, and chemical free ink. Garments are designed in New York and made in California following ethical standards.


'Pirates Cove' and 'Enchanted' organic cotton tees. Credit: eco Bella Bello

The enticing graphics and catchy text create an aesthetic t-shirt design -- and have me wishing I was a kid again! Eco Bella Bello's plans to grow into a full organic and sustainable sportswear brand with future collections. Visit eco Bella Bello for more information.

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