Eco Ammo(TM) by American Ammunition

frangible bullets.jpg
If you're going to shoot, then at least make sure you're not spritizing lead dust all around. That's the first thing that came to mind when we read that American Ammunition, Inc." received an additional 1,000,000 round order for its line of ECO-AMMO(TM)". Their catalog explains that Eco-AMMO(TM) "meets the demand for close-quarters, reduced hazard munitions. Frangible projectiles [supplied to American Ammo by this vendor] break apart into harmless fragments upon hitting a surface harder than the projectile itself. Dangerous ricochets and collateral damage are virtually eliminated, while the lead free composition leaves no toxic residue. This so called "Green" ammo is ideally suited for training, indoor ranges, and any application where collateral damage must be minimized". Collateral damage sounds like a euphemism for lead contamination. Indoor ranges where lead ammo is used can have serious air quality problems; and, once a range is closed the building or grounds might qualify for Superfund ranking because of the lead residues.Made of compressed copper and tin powders, we'll have to call Eco-AMMO right on the edge of the green bullseye until we find out more about the vapors and dusts that could be released from the lead-free alternative. But it's certainly a long shot better than pure lead. The only other way to curtail lead during firing is to copper coat the old fashioned lead projectile, a product type also offered by American Ammo.