Dress Embroidered with Wind-Sensitive Lights for Illuminating Fashion Statement

light dress photo
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Dutch designer Stijn Ossevoort has created a dress sure to catch people's attention. Embroidered with wind-sensitive lights, the wearer needs only to walk down the street and the dress glows in brilliant patterns, with lights popping right off the dress. light dress photo

Exactly how the dress works - if the LEDs are powered by kinetic energy gathered from the wind, or if a breeze simply activates a light and there's a battery hidden somewhere - we're not sure. We're hoping it's the former, since using kinetic energy from walking and the wind is greener - and just cooler - than sporting a battery pack that needs to be charged. We're also curious how one might wash this dress, let alone dispose of it since there's quite a bit of e-waste wrapped up in this thing.

But the idea is very...illuminating.

Via Fashioning Technology
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