Dragon88 Launches Recycled, Reusable Bag Line

Dragon88 Recycled Bag Dark Red Pattern
Dragon88 Recycled Bag Light Blue Pattern
Dragon88 Recycled Bag Dark Blue Pattern
Dragon88 Recycled Bag Light Red Pattern

Images courtesy of Dragon88.

Step one. Get rid of the paper/plastic bags. Step 2. Get a canvas/reusable bag. Step 3. Get a recycled, reusable bag. Dragon88, known for their home and hospitality furniture design, which is not currently eco, is launching into the wide world of green by designing a product to take care of some of our trash. Their new recycled, reusable bags come in a variety of fun colors and four different styles/sizes to fit the urban lifestyle.Dragon88 is not trying to compete, but rather compliment all of the reusable bags out there. By digging a little deeper, they wanted to make a product that does something with the 2.5 million plastic water bottles that are thrown away every day just in America. The owners found a factory in Los Angeles, CA that was already recycling soda bottles into materials that feel like soft chenille or jacquard and in fun patterns. A light bulb quickly sprung over their heads and the designs for several bags that allow you to carry anything in them from groceries to gym clothes to doubling as a purse were formed.

Dragon88 Flower Bag
Fun eco fact from Dragon88: It takes 12 twenty-ounce bottles to make enough recycled fabric for one bag. Second fun eco-fact: It takes 84% less energy to make one of these bags than to make a comparable polyester bag from virgin materials. Bonus fact: These bags are made with environmentally friendly dyes.

The bags come in four sizes meaning you can probably find a bag to carry whatever you need. The "grab it all" bag is square shaped, the "stand tall" bag is deep like a boutique bag, the "square one" bag offers a messenger bag style and the "European shopper" offers a laptop size bag. Each bag comes with an interior pocket for wallet, keys, cellphone — maybe they should cal it the "essentials" pocket. Another option is to use a bag as a "gift bag" instead of using wrapping paper — making a double gift.

Dragon88 Red Flower Bag
The bags can currently be found on their myspace page and on Facebook. The folks at Dragon88 are currently in talks with Whole Foods as well as Fred Segal stores and this weekend they are launching their Ebay online store.

Update on article:
The next Dragon88 line will include new patterns, natural bamboo fibers and other organic handles.

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