Donna Karan, Design Eco-Friendly T-Shirts for Charity

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I know, I know—$65 for a T-shirt? In these lean-as-sin, credit-strapped, hanging-on-by-the-edge-of-our-pink-slip times? Is this sartorially obsessed writer—and by extension, TreeHugger—off her rocker? But the fact that we're talking about a designer as influential as Donna Karan and organic anything in the same breath is nothing short of shout- (and blog-) worthy. So call a bandwagon a bandwagon if you must, but today's hip and happening trend could well be tomorrow's way of life. And that, dear readers, deserves talking up.

And then there's, an online store with a social responsibility bent. A portion of sales from every product in its inventory goes to a charitable cause, whether it's malaria nets for families in Malawi, Africa, or musical instruments for schools affected by Hurricane Katrina. And the celebrity attention it's garnered hasn't hurt either; A-listers like Scarlett Johansson, America Ferrara, Rachel Bilson, and Catherine Zeta Jones are said to be fans. Donna Karan Tonic eco-friendly t-shirt photo
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So back to Ms. Karan. The four limited-edition designs, which each comprise 70 percent bamboo and 30 percent organic cotton, were inspired by the cornerstones of her Urban Zen Foundation: Well-being, Save Our Planet, Preserving Cultures, and Future for Our Children. Largesse-wise, 10 percent from the sale of each shirt will go to Urban Zen, while another 10 percent will go to the Tonic Foundation,'s charitable arm that metes out funding based on decisions Tonic members and customers make.

So yes, it's $65. (Take a deep breath.) But it's also a milestone that counts for so much more.

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