Do You Know What 'Cycle Chic' Is? Are You Part of the Movement? (Video)

Bicycle Chic Makes Cycling More Accessible
It all started with Copenhagen Cycle Chic, and now the meme is spreading around the world (see London Cycle Chic, Cycle Chic Belgium, Cycle Chic Los Angeles, etc). The movement even has its own Wikipedia entry: "Cycle chic or bicycle chic is the culture of cycling in fashionable clothes. It is associated with utility cycling in cities such as Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Paris, Berne, Bristol and Copenhagen, where many people ride bikes. There and in cities in China and Japan, cycling is everyday transport and many wear everyday clothes rather than specialist clothes usually associated with sports cycling like Spandex and specialist cycling shoes." Check out the video above to learn more about how the movement started and what it's all about. Via StreetFilms. See also: ViaVelo: San Jose's First Ciclovía Event Rocked! (Video)

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