DIY: old sweaters + scissors = new outfit


Image: Flickr image of a chopped up sweater, ready to be re-used.

Finding new uses for old clothes is a great way to green up and clean up your wardrobe. Re-purposing old clothing is hot, hip designers are reclaiming used clothing to create sustainable fashion. TreeHugger has explored this concept a few times before, organisations turning sweaters into blankets and artists making one of a kind hats. Read on for ideas and some visual stimulation.Doing this yourself is not so difficult, all you need is an old sweater either your own cast off or a thrift store find, some thread, scissors and an idea.


Image: from Mod to Modern, handmade using deconstructed second hand sweaters


Image: Flickr image of a grunge style skirt made out of a secondhand sweater.
Resources for re-using, deconstructing and re-purposing old sweaters.

1. Make a bag from old sweaters ::whipup and ::Canadian living

2. ::Reclaim the yarn from old sweaters to re-use in knitting or crochet.

3. Chop up a sweater and turn it into a scarf - ::how to at Spun Mag.

4. There are unlimited uses for an old sweater including ::pillow covers ::blankets ::armbands ::toys

5. If you are not up to making it yourself check out ::Anti Factory :: ekologic ::Mod to Modern