DIY Italian Handbags


Here is a DIY handbag designed by two Italians from Milan that is the essence of hip and simplicity. Take a rectangular sheet of PVC rubber and two notched end pieces, joined by a shoulder strap. Roll it up and you are ready to go. It’s an urban concept and look that comes in a variety of lively and colourful patterns: flowers, maps of Turin, food, 60’s or japanese. Designs are applied digitally to the rubber. The bag comes as a flatpack with simple instructions. Once assembled, it is a cylinder, with a good length shoulder strap and ready for a night or day, on the town. Since the designs are interchangeable, you can have a different one for each outfit. The designers are working on the development of a new eco-series using regenerated PVC. The newest line has designs by 3 Milanese street artists and is sold in limited editions at art galleries only. :: Deego

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