DIY Fashion Without a Sewing Machine

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This little book is the answer for those of us who don't have a sewing machine, and keep meaning to buy one. It has 40 different sewing ideas for making new clothes out of old and accessorizing boring ones.

Called DIY Fashion: Customize and Personalize, it's a guide to thrifty and quirky ideas that don't cost much but look great. For example...making a cassette or CD necklace, a jam jar bracelet,a halter-neck scarf top or a memory skirt.

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Courtesy of Daily Candy, here is a free guide to turning your boyfriend's old jumper (or your old boyfriend's jumper) into a sleeveless sweater dress.

You'll need:
1 oversize jumper with a round neck
1 pair of large scissors
Needle and thread

Step 1
Cut off the neck with sharp scissors. Cut off both sleeves, leaving approximately a centimetre of fabric. Roll the sleeve back twice and stitch it at four equidistant points. This will hold the turned-over fabric. Keep the cut-off sleeves; you will need them.

Step 2
Cut both the removed sleeves open along the seams. Lay one sleeve lengthwise with the widest end against the neckline of the jumper (place the sleeve back to front, so that once it's in place, it will be the right way around). Put a running stitch across the join between the two pieces, then blanket-stitch it. (This will strengthen it.) Repeat with the other sleeve on the back.

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Step 3
Sew the two sleeve ends together from the inside. Now you have a cowl-neck. Choose how high you wish it to be, then cut it and sew all the way around.

Step 4
Cinch at the waist with a belt, wear it with opaque tights and boots in the winter, and never look back.

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