District Cotton Takes On Organic Cotton, Mosquito Netting


The contents of your bag reveal more about you than you might think, but what about your choice of bag itself? District Cotton, a New York City-based company dedicated to fashion with a conscience, has a couple of sturdy options that are as socially and environmentally conscious as you are.

Its $18 City Map Bag (left) is made from 100 percent certified organic-cotton canvas and produced under fair labor conditions in China. The front flap latches shut with a brass clip, while the interior pocket zips up to secure loose change and mash notes.

The aptly named Mosquito bag, which comes in your choice of five colors, is enmeshed in recycled mosquito netting and stitched with decorative whorls in a fair-trade factory in Cambodia that District Cotton says exceeds International Labor Organization standards. Raincoat-material remnants from a factory floor form the $58 bag's strap and binding for added waterproofing and durability. Just one downside: The body of the bag is made from regular polyester, although the company says this may change. ::District Cotton

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