Discovered In Jewellery from Brazil


Paul Barnett ran a marketing agency specialised in luxury brands in London until he was hit by the concern about eco and environment issues, and the troubles of the poor in big cities -which he found face to face in his trips to Brazil-. This concern took him to come up with the concept of Discovered In: "a way to mix marketing knowledge with the ambitions to help make the world a better place", and also "a more meaningful and satisfying way to earn a living" for him. The goal of this company he founded is to search the world for fashionable items that are produced with traditional skills, and are environment-friendly. These are then sold through Discovered In website under the principles of Fair Trade.
Via Hugg"Products are selected according a strict selection criteria", he says, and ads that he will not measure his success "in monetary terms, but in terms of column inches" of press coverage. "The money and ability to deliver more and more NGO projects that will see the establishment and development of more and more eco aware cooperatives in poor communities around the world will follow", he says.
Though the company's initial focus is Brazil, Barnett plans to scope for designers and artisans around the world. If you're interested in getting in touch with Paul, contact him at paul at discoveredin dot com. ::DiscoveredIn