Dirty Librarian Chains Creates Edgy, Eco-Chic Jewelry from Vintage Materials (Photos)

dlc brooklyn eco jewelry photo

Dirty Librarian Chains' fall 2011 collection. Photo: DLC Brooklyn
Dirty Librarian Chains' (DLC Brooklyn) modern jewelry is handmade in Brooklyn by designer Susan Domelsmith, using vintage and dead-stock jewelry. Domelsmith channels Mesoamerican culture and merges elegance with edge in a striking fall 2011 collection of bracelets, brooches, necklaces, earrings, and more. Take a look:

Domelsmith scours second hand stores to find vintage costume jewelry for her jewelry, then designs her collection based on what she finds.

dlc brooklyn eco jewelry photo

Quetzal Necklace; Uxmal Necklace. Photo: DLC Brooklyn

From 15 necklaces, the Quetzal Necklace, above, comes to life. The designer has been collecting materials for this piece since 2004. Four vintage mixed chains appear harmonious in the Uxmal necklace, which is complete with a tube bead and pendant.

dlc brooklyn eco jewelry photo

Quetzal Bracelet; Itza Earrings. Photo: DLC Brooklyn

Five deadstock and vintage gold chains complete the striking Quetzal bracelet. The Itza Earrings draw from six necklaces and deadstock beads in gold, copper, silver, and jet to create a dynamic pair of earrings.

dlc brooklyn eco jewelry photo

Tikal Brooch; Tikal Earrings. Photo: DLC Brooklyn

The Tikal Brooch proves these sweater accessories are hardly for old ladies -- or, umm, librarians. Made with deadstock beads in brass, gold, copper, and hematite, they're a spiky accessory that can jazz up a wardrobe. Made with vintage deadstock, gold, copper, hematite, and braze, the Tikal earrings are elegant and statement-making.

Come fall 2011, the collection is conveniently available on Dirty Librarian Chains website.

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