Designer Shares Heartfelt Story of Artisan Craftsmanship and Rediscovering Alabama (Video)

Video: Alabama Chanin

Fashion designer Natalie Chanin shares the roots of her ethical fashion label, Alabama Chanin, in a heartfelt short video, sponsored by Starbucks. It is a beautiful story of family and fostering artisan craftsmanship--and your eyes might just tear a little. Watch it, above, and read on for highlights.
While Chanin shares the ethical roots of her fashion label she also shares her personal experience of leaving her community only to find her family gave her all the knowledge she needed all along. As many of us spend time with family this holiday morning, this video is a warm reminder that family is a foundation. As Chanin says in the video, "it takes a long time to realize that the best of what you are actually comes from where you come from."

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