Design Will Save the World (but This T-Shirt Will Not)


TreeHugger knows that changing the way we think about stuff, and working to change the way that our stuff gets made can make a big difference in the world. By updating the philosophies, materials and manufacturing practices, we can spend less time worrying about the impact we make on day-to-day basis, and more on something like getting some Live Earth bands to play TreeHugger's next party. This philosophy has been immortalized on a t-shirt by Artefacture; unfortunately, they stop short of actually doing anything about saving the world with the shirt itself -- it's made from 100% cotton, with "organic" conspicuously missing (and remember, the cotton used to make this shirt used 1/3 of a pound of pesticides -- more fun facts in TreeHugger's How to Green Your Wardrobe Guide). So, to recap: idea, good; implementation, not so good. Hit the jump to see a new, neat graphical representation of the iconic recycling symbol, but we don't recommend shelling out $28 for the real deal. ::Artefacture via ::Design Milk


"Recyclo" from Artefacture

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