Design Team Rodarte Creates Eco-Chic Candle & Bracelet with Lexus Hybrid Living


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Design team Rodarte has joined forces with Lexus Hybrid Living and created an eco-friendly candle and bracelet to be sold at Barney's New York. The candle is made of natural soy contained in recyclable glass. The friendship bracelet is made from leather reclaimed from Lexus vehicles and designed by the Rodarte duo Laura and Kate Mulleavy. This is the first time that Rodarte has collaborated with Lexus Hybrid Living to create a luxury item with a "green" conscience. The candle was first shown to the public during Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week on September 9th, 2008 at Rodarte's Spring 2009 show where guests were treated to the candle and bracelet in their gift bags.

Read on for an interview with Kate Mulleavy, half of the Rodarte team, on the partnership with Lexus Hybrid Living. EG: What aspects of Rodarte make an effort to reduce its overall carbon footprint?

  1. From within our company, we have set up a means to recycle all paper and plastic items. We have chosen to use canteens and glasses, instead of bottled water.
  2. The hand detailing, beading, embroidery, pinning,sewing, and cutting of our clothing allows for us to produce our garments without industrial waste or exhaust.
  3. Dyeing: our dyeing is a key element to our collection. We have chosen to use a beautiful dyeing process that can only be done on natural fibers. The process allows for our colors to be clear, and pure. This dyeing process is very much a dying art. It is done with all environmentally friendly pigments and without harsh chemicals and without producing industrial waste.
  4. We privilege craft and technique over mass production, large quantities, and gratuitous waste.

EG: What excites you most about your partnership with Lexus?
KM: Our garments are extremely personal. It is thus, that tradition and innovation/technology are always at the center of what we do. That is why Lexus is a perfect creative partner. It is extremely important to be curious and investigate all possibilities when creating. Lexus Hybrid Living has opened so many creative and green doors for Rodarte. Lexus Hybrid Living is directional, in that they are helping to revolutionize luxury and green living. We have infused this thought process into the work that we create. It is only through a lens of awareness that we can truly grow our brand. The future of design is based off of the idea of socially and environmentally conscious labor and production.

EG: Do you have a "green" tip for our readers?
KM: Recycle your bottle caps by taking them to Aveda stores, making sure to drive hybrid vehicles, bicycle, or walk, to do so.

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