Design Glut's Crude Necklace Released


Back in November, Design Glut promised "When and if crude hits $100/barrel, Design Glut will produce 100 limited edition Crude Necklaces with a high gloss black surface finish." Most thought it would be a long wait.

Today they report that they have dated the 100 limited edition Crude necklaces to commemorate this date. Each piece is engraved with "$100" and "1-2-2008. They are black, powder-coated brass, a sign of our times. Oil has officially become a luxury.... One day, when you are charging your electric car with your children, you can say, "I remember when crude hit $100." ::Design Glut


From their email: "January 2nd, 2008 - The price of crude oil was finally tipped over
$100 a barrel, due to instabilities in Africa, concerns over supplies
in the Middle East, and the falling value of the US Dollar. As
Americans have just finished their annual orgy of holiday gift buying
and celebration, this news seems to tell us that the party is indeed

We believe that good design should pose questions, serve as a reminder
to our every day actions, and reflect the society that we live in. It
should make the consumer think. If we can push culture to be more
intelligent, we will have done our job. We intend for our objects
start conversations.

Here at Design Glut, we hope this world event will cause you to take a
pause and consider the role of oil in world economics and politics.
From our troops fighting for stability in Iraq, to our auto
manufacturers lobbying for lax fuel standards, to the myriad of
products we use that are derived from petroleum, this is one commodity
that deserves attention."

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