Denim Therapy for your Tattered Jeans


No, no, treehuggers don't like throwing stuff away especially when it comes to a long loved pair of jeans. We say 'fix it' above recycling. But sorting out the cuts and holes of an old pair of jeans is not an easy task and often results in just buying a new pair. Now however, there's Denim Therapy for your falling apart jeans. This New York based company made it their business to treat all kinds of broken and torn jeans or denim item. Their unique reconstruction technique lets them place new cotton fibres into the existing denim fabric to fill undesired holes. Denim Therapy promise to give each pair of jeans individual attention (no group therapy) and cure them with matching grain, colour and feel. Discrimination is not allowed by the Denim Doctors; they treat each pair of jeans the same regardless of its brand name. All you have to do is go to their web site, fill out a form and mail them your patient. The estimated repair cost is $7/inch.
If you can get your shoes fixed in the street, why not your jeans? We hope their business takes off and inspires more people to offer cool repairing services, a business not yet fogotten... ::via Springwise ::Denim Therapy