David Virtue Crafts Recycled Gold Jewellery

david virtue recycled gold rings photo

Photos: David Virtue website

Taking nature and his love of the sailing as his inspiration David Virtue handcrafts rings and pendants, with themes and emblems drawn from the great outdoors, such as leaves, waves, deserts, sunrises, yachts, etc. He works mostly in 14 and 18 karat gold, which he sources from a environmentally responsible refiner, who process recycled gold scrap. David's rings of which there are about 55 varying styles, are therefore cast with 100% recycled gold.

David Virtue has been perfecting his craft for the past 35 years or so. His rings taper from front to back for increased comfort. He believes he has designs appropriate for engagements, weddings or commitment ceremonies. He can also do alterations or customer work. Although based in Maine, USA, he does tale international orders.

::David Virtue

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