Dame Vivienne Westwood Designs 20 Tablecloths that Cover the Table Talk for You (Video)

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Vivienne Westwood tablecloth to benefit Cool Earth. Credit: Vivienne Westwood

While we hope the meal at your next dinner party is anything but crap, famed fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood's collection of tablecloths to benefit non-profit Cool Earth are sure to set the tone for the evening's conversation. Each of the twenty limited-edition, hand signed tablecloths have been digitally printed on a 100% recycled polyester fabric and will save nearly 4 acres of endangered Peruvian rainforest. Hear from Dame Vivienne herself in a video interview, below the fold.

Dame Vivienne Westwood: "I Just Want to Save the Planet!"

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Dame Vivienne Westwood. Image courtesy of Cool Earth

At £1,000, the price tag is not cheap but 100% of profits will be donated to Cool Earth. Through this collaboration, Vivienne aims to raise £100,000 and save 1,700 acres of rainforest from destruction.

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Credit: Vivienne Westwood
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Credit: Vivienne Westwood

In an interview with media, below, Dame Westwood speaks to how we, the human race, have all been trained to consume and, as a result, are not engaged in in the world we live in. Her new show called "Get a Life" will attempt to wake people up to form their own opinions and essentially get a life of their own making. More:

Video courtesy of Cool Earth

To browse the entire collection of tablecloths, visit Vivienne Westwood. We say browse rather than buy, especially since Dame Vivienne, eco-warrior that she is, has been quoted on numerous occasions discouraging consumption.

Update 6/15: It was previously reported that 77 acres would be saved.
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