Cutting It Fine With Solar Razors

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Photos: Nigel's Eco Store and Electronic Healing

It's a perennial question that defies an easy answer: how do I make my shaving greener? Whilst the simplest solution may be simply to not -- let that hair grow -- some folk do like a smooth face, legs or underarms.

We've covered a few of the eco shave options in the past (many links below), like wind-up razors, blade savers, cut-throat blades, recycled razors, never-go-blunt ceramic razors, energy star rated razors and so on. But we may have neglected the option of solar powered razors. Here's a couple that indicate what might be possible for shaving with less impact.How effective they are we can't say, (though my solar powered calculator is 26 years old and still going strong.) If you were planning on using them at home, as opposed to while travelling, then you mind be better off switching your electricity account to a Green Power option, rather having to remember to expose your razor to sunlight everyday.

However caveats aside, the model on the top left sells for about £15 from Nigel's Eco Store, complete with a cleaning brush, spare foil and charger. It takes between 8 to 12 hours in sunlight to charge, but its run time on a full charge is proffered.

The right hand model can be had from Electronic Healing for £30 or Stuff Junction for $30 USD on special. The Sol-Shavers specifications are, however, even more sketchy than the previous model.

But if yo are shaving everyday and have sunny bathroom window such products might suit your needs.

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