Crafty Gifts

There is something so warm and cozy about receiving a present that is handmade and homespun looking, rather than designer label, assembly-line. Like little elves, craftspeople across the land are working hard, using all their skills and creativity to make that special item for that someone special. This christmas wreath is made of recycled sweater remnants and is so cheery for the front door.

What seamstress, or casual sewer on your list could resist a pincushion; made of recycled sweaters and hand stitched and looking good enough to eat. For the eyeglasses, a glass case of traditional Welsh design, made on looms at a woollen mill in Snowdonia.

For the tea drinkers, a jolly tea cosy made of scraps of vintage fabrics, pieced together to form a little story in its design. Coming in single or double pot size with a calory free cupcake on the side. Of course there are endless fairtrade teas and the de rigeur global warming mug to go with this liquid present. When you add hot water to the mug you will see the world's coastlines slowly disappear.

And for the man who has everything: hand-knitted golf club covers in the shape of animals and made by women in Kenya. How can you not? :: Guardian

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