Could You, Would You Go Soap-Free for Two Weeks?

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Pee-yew! Is that you? Photo: iStockphoto

Inspired by writer Sean Bonner's belief that the human body "is designed to regulate itself" and GOOD's challenge to give up soap and shampoo for a month, No More Dirty Looks is kicking off 2011 with "The No Soap Challenge." Give up the suds for two weeks and document it (in 100 words, or less), and there's a prize in it for you, too.

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Is soap necessary to be stink-free? Only you -- or those people around you -- can attest to that, but this is a great opportunity to find out. As Sean Bonner notes on Boing Boing, after a year of skimping on the suds, "my skin felt better, oily and dry patches had all but disappeared and the light dandruff I'd had my entire life was almost gone."

Visit No More Dirty Looks--and the chance to win a $100 gift certificate from natural beauty store, NuboNau--for their challenge details and don't forget to tell us your soap-free story in the comment section, below.

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