Could you say "yes" to fur ?


You loved the "fur is dead" campaign featuring lovely naked celebrities claiming their disgust of fur products : initiated by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the glamourous pictures of Kate Ford, Anna Nicole Smith, Nicholas Gonzalez, and many others convinced you for good that there's no way you're going to accept that lovely fur scarf your best friend has chosen for you...

Well that was before fashion designer Mariouche Gagne started her own business of fur fashion, not from fresh killed animals but from old recycled fur items. That's actually the only way you're going to feel good wearing the stuff, isn't it ? After graduating from the prestigious Domus Academy in Milan, Mariouche Gagne went on designing small fur items such as bags or scarves and found herself confronted with a difficulty to find fur : she decided to cut her mother's clothes to workable fur pieces and that's how the whole thing started !

Taking major inspiration from Inuit art and culture, Harricana now recycles thousands of fur coats every year and the brand is distributed all over North America, France and Switzerland. With that way of keeping wildlife where it is while enjoying the comfort of warm natural outfits, we guess you'll find it a bit easier to say "yes" [::Harricana] [by Erwan Pianezza, Locronan, Brittany]