Cornstarch Resin Jewelry by EverybodyGreen


Part adornment, part anti-plastic statement, these nickel- and lead-free cornstarch-resin-based bracelets by EverybodyGreen were designed to aid environmental non-profits, as well as raise public consciousness about eco-friendly alternatives.

Strung on organic hemp cord and embellished with a "Go Green" charm made from recycled brass, the bracelets come in coordinating sets of three ($15), in color themes with names such as "berries," "crystal," "ocean," and "dusk." EverybodyGreen will donate 10 percent of each sale to selected organizations such as Oceana, Earth Resource Foundationa, and The Clean Water Fund. (The company's goal is to raise $1 million by the end of 2008.) For old-school shoppers, you can also find the line at retailers such as Nordstrom's, Claire's, and Mandee's.

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