"Cork Your Style" with MoMa's New In-Store Accessories (Photos)


Image courtesy of Pelcor
MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) has selected a collection of cork accessories by Pelcor, a global cork fashion brand based in Portugal, as the main draw for their "Destination Portugal" exhibit, opening this month. Pelcor premieres their designs in the U.S. with "PelcorĀ© NY Special Edition", a limited-collection of eleven accessories; umbrella, cosmetic case, men's wallet, notebook, tote bag, messenger bag, coin case, apron, men's card wallet, pin, and a watch. Click through for select photos (and more cork-y campaign posters).

Image courtesy of Pelcor

Image courtesy of Pelcor

Image courtesy of Pelcor

We appreciate the simple aesthetic, good design, and how they are all made with cork, a renewable material that helps the environment by encouraging vegetation. They also offer alternatives to accessories often made with less environmentally-friendly materials, i.e., wallets made with pleather and umbrellas made with polyester--and they brake so easily! What do you think of these cork-y fashions, tell us in the comment section, below.

The exhibit runs through July and items can be view and bought exclusively at MoMA Design Stores, online or in store; NYC and Tokyo.

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