Control Tape For Hair by Aveda

Gum? Check. Lipstick? Check. Wallet? Check. Control Tape for those midday disasters...hmm. That’s right, something else to add to your purse or pocket to help you throughout the day. Control Tape is the newest creation from the eco-friendly folks at Aveda and is made from organic flaxseed, aloe and black tea with a touch of coconut to add shine. Simply rip off a strip of the clear tape, moisten with a bit of tap water, and it transforms easily into liquid styling hair gel. It comes in a palm-sized, flat-as-a-credit-card plastic dispenser so you’ll have no problem cramming it in next to the Dentyne. Control Tape is only available for a limited time and is $19.50 for 20 strips. Makes us wonder which eco-celeb we’ll see flashing it. ::Aveda [by KD]