Conflict-Free Bling

The bling binge has ignited a major increase in the diamond market. Recognizing the opportunity to encourage a diamond trade that is fair, equitable and benefits communities where the diamonds are mined and crafted - Kimora Simmons, founder of Baby Phat fashions and wife of Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons - partnered with diamond distributor M. Fabrikant to create Simmons Jewelry Co. The company inspects all diamonds to ensure they are conflict free and a large percentage of the profits benefit communities affected by the diamond trade. Recently, the company, which started in 2004, announced the release of a not-so-eco-but-nonetheless-socially-conscious $35,000 case for the Sony PSP portable gaming system. The iced out case is made out of a pound of gold, alligator skin (tsk!) and yellow and black conflict-free diamonds. Story via eco.psfk