Computer Wire Dress by Tina Sparkles Makes Statement About e-Waste

computer dress photo

Images via Tina Sparkles

Electronic clothing is something that continually fascinates some designers. From circuit board boxers to keyboard purses to blinking bicycling sweaters, there's just something about turning electronics into fashion. But Tina Sparkles does it with an extra edge -- she wants to point out the issues of e-waste in American culture. In other words, she wants us to wear our wastefulness on our sleeves. Sparkles debuted this dress at Austin's Fashion Week, as part of the Keep Austin Beautiful Recycled Fashion Show. It's made with recycled computer wiring, and according to Craft, "explores the concept of systems thinking as it relates to our ecosystem. Each computer wire is situation in a closed loop system that interacts with all the other systems within the dress. Movement within one system influences other parts of the whole."

Now that is a fashion statement.

The dress was part of several of her creations made up from repurposed materials.

Sparkles is also author of Little Green Dresses, a book on making awesome clothes from recycled, salvaged or sustainable materials. But please don't go ripping apart your computer to create a miniskirt...we don't really advise wearing electronics on a daily basis.

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