Community Based Eco Clothing Line nvohk Unveils New Logo, New Ambitions

Community Based Eco Clothing Line nvohk's New Logo image

How nvohk works

The pioneering community based eco-clothing line nvohk (invoke) announced its official logo had been chosen from a pool of 50 submitted designs. Grason Ratowsky was awarded $500 for creating the winning design—check out nvohk's website to see the logo flying high.When we last checked in with nvohk, they were recruiting between 10,000 and 20,000 members to actively participate in the development and management of the eco-clothing brand.

Now they've expanded their base and upped their ambition--they're looking for 40,000 members, for the same yearly contribution of $50. It's a fascinating concept, the community based clothing line that "blends social responsibility and financial performance." The 455 active members hail from over 20 countries around the globe, and all participate in the direction of the company (this logo competition being fine evidence of the company's operations). And as always, they're donating 10 percent of their profits to environmental charities.

For a better idea of how the system works, check out nvohk's website.

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