CommonThreadz Donates a Uniform to an Orphan for Every Purchase

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Common Threadz, not to be confused with Patagonia's recycling program, has a buy-one-give-one type program meaning that for every item you purchase, the store will donate one school uniform to an orphan in Africa. Once Common Threadz pays for the uniform with profits from your purchase, any money left over is then donated directly to the nonprofit associated with the tshirts' design. The current non-profit is the Coalition for Educational and Scientific Literacy Assistance or CESLA, which provides the uniforms to school children, among other things.

Why is this program so important? No school uniform = no school for many children in South Africa. This program is doubly important as the uniforms are going to children who don't have a family to purchase uniforms for them. Each of the designs is created by a famous artist or celebrity, so there isn't one distinct look for the tshirts, though most of the themes deal with nature or people in some manner. The t-shirts are limited edition (only 250 printed), and most are 100% organic - they will all be printed on 100% organic tees by next year - and they use water based inks. Common Threadz is also working towards a zero carbon footprint for all of its operations.Want to get more involved? Common Threadz is organizing trips where volunteers can help pass out school uniforms, supplies and food to children in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Got a good idea for community project? They will begin taking submissions in 2009 for new projects, which are put up for vote and the winners will be the target of future fundraising campaigns. The organization also runs awareness campaigns through the media to further educate the public and build support for the cause. One method is to use txt message codes on the tshirt where you can use the code to purchase the tshirt via phone.

You can purchase tshirts and gift certificates online. You can also send a text message CTDONATE to 467467 to donate today or visit them online at Common Threadz.

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