Coldwater Creek Announces Renewable Energy Plan


Coldwater Creek, a popular women's retailer here in the U.S., recently announced that the company is making a conversion to renewable, green energy. Over the next three years through a partnership with 3 Phases Energy Services, Coldwater Creek will offset 100% of its energy consumption by purchasing wind-generated electricity. According to the press release, "By supporting wind energy, Coldwater Creek is preventing more than 299 million pounds of CO2 -- a key greenhouse gas -- from entering the Earth's atmosphere between now and 2009. This is the equivalent CO2 savings of taking nearly 30,000 cars off the road for one year, or the same amount of CO2 absorbed by protecting more than 113,000 acres of trees." Now if we could just get them to start using bamboo, hemp and and organic cotton Via ::PR Newswire ::Coldwater Creek