Clever Fake BP T-Shirt: "We're bringing oil to American shores."

BP bring oil to american shores spill t-shirt photo

Photo: DespairWear
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Better to Laugh than to Cry...
Humor is important, even during the darkest of times. The BP oil spill is far from over. Many workers were killed while others were injured. The Gulf of Mexico is a mess and countless fish, plants, and birds will be affected.
BP oil spill t-shirt photo

Photo: DespairWear

Meanwhile, the "drill, baby, drill" crowd is trying to pin the blame for this one anyone except BP or offshore drilling in general. I think there's nothing like a clever t-shirt to remind us that in this case, ultimate responsibility rests with BP, especially considering how they could have made their drilling rig safer for relatively little extra money.

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Just imagine if all this had happened during hurricane season and if the leaks had been bigger? Rough sea making it hard to go plug the holes or drill a relief well, and a lot more oil in the sea. Unless we make big changes to the energy industry, this spill is just the first act before a bigger one down the line...

If you want to buy it
The shirt's available from Despair for $15.95. It's printed on an American Apparel shirt (some of the company's environmental initiatives can be found here).

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