Clever Cycling Jerseys by "Share the Damn Road"

dont run me over jersey photo

Kind of Like Bumper Stickers, but For Cyclists
There's little doubt in my mind that the best way for cyclists and motorists to share the road is based on mutual respect and awareness. Sometimes motorists try to incite anti-cyclist hatred (*cough* Tony Kornheiser *cough*), but cyclists should try to avoid playing the confrontational game at all costs. It's a blind alley. That's why I like most, but not all, of these clever cycling jerseys by Share the Damn Road. See below for more pics.
share the damn road jersey bike photo

The first two include a safety reminder and a bit of humor, making them pretty memorable to most drivers, I bet.

share the damn road jersey bike photo

A good reminder that whatever mileage your car is getting, a bike is doing better (ok, some of you will start to calculate the extra calories from food, and what if that food comes from far away, and how many calories you burn just sitting down in your car and so on, but in almost all cases, the bike is still much better).

See also: ESPN's Tony Kornheiser on Cyclists: "Run 'em down!" Lance Armstrong Responds. [Updated]

Via Share the Damn Road
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