Classic Polo Meets Organic Cotton in New Men's Fair Trade Fashion Label

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Image courtesy of Tompkins Point Apparel.

For those who call "The Official Preppy Handbook" a must read -- if you missed it, the forthcoming follow-up called "True Prep" is coming soon -- there's a green (and pink) option for the classic polo with insignia on the left chest from new fair trade label Tompkins Point Apparel. In fact, this is the first third-party certified Fair Trade fashion available in the US. More:

But how is Tompkins Point Apparel the first to be Fair Trade-certified in the US?
A representative of Transfair USA, the only stateside 3rd-party certifier, told us that many fashion brands use the term fair trade but there is no certification or transparency behind it. Certification has been available in Europe, where cotton farms and garment factories are certified by an agency. Now, brands in the US can take advantage of Transfair USA's farm to factory certification' enter Tompkins Point Apparel, the first to do so.

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Image courtesy of Tompkins Point Apparel.

Founder Scott Leeder calls his sustainable line of menswear "enlightened preppy." Not only is the brand at the forefront of fair trade-certified fashion but they donate 25% of profits to the farmers and factory workers that produce their clothing.

tompkins point apparel

Image courtesy of Tompkins Point Apparel.

When asked if he has plans to expand product offerings, Scott said, "We'll be building out our men's line next year and, assuming all goes well, we'll move into women and children shortly thereafter."

The classic polo is available in blue, pink, orange, and white and retails for $50. More: Tompkins Point Apparel

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