Citizen Eco-Drive Stiletto Watch

Not new, but time for a reminder. Citizen’s Eco-Drive powers these watches by light alone. Sunlight or interior man-made lighting charges a tiny, yet super efficient battery. Want to live in cave for a while? No problem. Depending on the model you chose, your watch will still run for 45 days to 5 years, after you renounce light. The Lithium Ion battery does not contain the usual caustic chemicals found in ordinary batteries, and it will last the life of the watch. After twenty years it should be able to get an 80% recharge. (Wish I could teach my iBook that trick!). The amorphous silicon solar panel is cleverly hidden under a variety of coloured face plates. Heaps of models to choose from, but picked this one for its clean, simple lines. £140 ::Citizen Eco-Drive [by WM]