Choolips is a Green Fashion Success Story

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We love hearing about green success stories, and here's a good one. Two years ago TreeHugger had a post about a design contest that would link up young designers with producers in Ghana to create clothing trendy enough to be sold at the British high street stores. The prize was the manufacturing and sale of the dresses at Topshop. The winner was Annagret Affolderbach and to her delight, the dresses sold out within days.

Well now Annagret has come back with her own little company, Choolips, and her new line is coming out at Topshop next month. The great looking series of 3 dress styles is made of 100% Ghanaian Fairtrade cotton, and is sewn by local workers there who are paid a very decent living wage.

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Image from Choolips

Annagret is passionately interested in textiles, particularly the old traditional methods like batik and the old patterns associated with it. Her signature design is the coffee bean fabric, used for her dresses and reminiscent of the coffee trade in Ghana.

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Image from Choolips

All of her fabrics are made of pure Fairtrade Ghanaian cotton, with the batik work done by Global Mamas. It's an NGO consisting of women in Ghana who have built up their business and how have a new workshop and three assistants. Annagret has worked with them to develop a new laser technology which has enabled the group to expand their business at a grassroots level as well as getting more customers in the UK.

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Choolips has also had their coffee bean print made into doggie accessories such as a cute leash and collar.

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