Chicago: Future Eco-Fashion Mecca?


Chicago is trying to make itself a fashion hub, and has even hired a "fashion czarina," Melissa Turner, to make it happen. Though the city churns out design graduates, they quickly flee to the action on the coasts. One of Turner's projects: creating an online database for local materials producers, designers, retailers, and shoppers. We think the city could both set itself apart and remain on the cutting edge by becoming the go-to place for eco-fibers, strategies, and shopping. The windy city already boasts fashion re-purposer Dolan Geiman, not to mention green roofs and "the most ambitious bike plan in the United States." Why not become the go-to metropolis for organic wovens, and up-cycled ready-to-wear? What do you think, Chicagoans and fashion types? How can we make it happen? :: Via the Chicago Tribune