Chicago Fashion Week Spring 2010: Vert Couture Green Show


Vaute Couture Spring 2010, Chicago Fashion Week. Credit Ray Pfeiffer, Komifoto
Vert Couture forecasts green fashion for spring 2010 in the windy city. An official event of Chicago Fashion Focus, the runway show was home to looks from Vaute Couture--not to be confused with the show title 'Vert'--Bryant McLemore Smith, and up-and-coming designers from the Chicago Fashion Institute Student Collective as well as Frei Designs and Mountains of the Moon, covered earlier this week. Click through for our interview with Vert Couture Co-Executive Producer Bianca Alexander, and our favorite looks from the runway.

Vaute Couture Spring 2010

vaute couture spring 2010 photo

Vaute Couture is vegan high fashion, locally made in Chicago. Credit Ray Pfeiffer, Komifoto

Chicago Fashion Institute Student Collective


Vaute Couture (left) and Chicago Fashion Institute Student Collective (right). Credit Ray Pfeiffer, Komifoto

Bryant McLemore Smith Vintage Collection


Bryant frequents estate sales and vintage boutiques around the
country to achieve his looks. Credit Ray Pfeiffer, Komifoto

Vert Couture Co-Executive Producer Bianca Alexander on Sustainable Fashion

TreeHugger: How was the overall production of Vert Couture made eco-friendly?

Bianca Alexander: Our VIP cocktail pre-reception and after party featured organic treats from our vegan caterer the Balanced Kitchen, Veev Acai cocktails, organic wine from Girasol Vineyards, and dairy-free ice cream sandwiches from Turtle Island Foods.  Our programs were printed on recycled paper using toxin-free dyes.  We also offset all of the carbon generated from the event in collaboration with Native Energy.

TH: Can you tell us about the materials used to achieve the overall look, i.e., fabrics, footwear, makeup, and hair?

BA: Regarding the materials featured in each designer's looks, they covered everything from recycled, repurposed fabrics, to totally vintage materials, organic cotton, hand-woven silk, and vegetable-based dyes, among others.  We also featured vegan shoes by Kailia Footwear, and shoes made from sustainable wood from Chicago brand Mohop on our models.  Hair and make-up was provided by Chicago-based Aveda Roots Salon and Sugar and Spice cosmetics--both use natural, mineral-based hair and makeup products.

TH: How did the show come about?

BA: This show was created and produced by our company, Conscious Planet Media, a full-service green tv, film and event production company, in conjunction with Fashion Focus Chicago and the amazing Vert Couture host committee. In addition to socially responsible documentaries and corporate videos, Conscious Planet Media produces two online tv shows in HD: Conscious Living TV and the Soul of Green. Our lifestyle shows are geared towards inspiring mainstream consumers to live happier, healthier lives by making more conscious choices and voting--with their spending dollars--for sustainable products, services, and businesses.

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