Chicago Fashion Week Spring 2010: Mountains of the Moon - Interview with Designer Melissa Baswell


Mountains of the Moon Spring 2010 at Chicago Fashion Week. Credit: Chad Smith

While we physically missed Chicago Fashion Week's Vert Couture green show--for the sake of our carbon footprint--we sat down with Mountains of the Moon Designer Melissa Baswell--virtually, of course--to talk sustainable fabrics, her spring 2010 vision, trends for next season, and more. Click through for Melissa's vision-turned-reality in her photos from the runway.

Melissa Baswell on Mountains of the Moon's Spring 2010 Collection

Melissa Baswell photo

Melissa Baswell after the Vert Couture runway show. Credit: Chad Smith
TreeHugger: What fabrics did you use primarily in the Spring 2010 collection?

Melissa Baswell: I used printed 100% organic cotton sateen, 100% organic cotton twill, and a 55/45% hemp/tencel blend--all dyed with low impact dyes.

TH: Did using sustainable materials limit your vision or motivate innovation?

MB: My vision for this collection was the concept of discovering nature in urban environments. Because the foundation of my entire label is based on the idea that chic, modern designs for young, urban women can indeed be made from eco-friendly fabrics, I think using sustainable materials absolutely created innovation. Eco-fashion designers obviously have challenges that traditional designers do not, especially in the way that we're somewhat limited when it comes to fabric choices, but I think it forces us to really channel our creativity.

mountains of the moon photo

Mountains of the Moon spring 2010. Credit: Chad Smith
Can you speak to your vision behind the line?

For Spring 2010, I used floral printed fabrics, ruffles and draping to represent nature--flowers, ocean waves, mountains--and combined them with sharper lines--tiered and pleated detailing--to represent a metropolis (urban architecture and the overall grittiness of the city). The designs are very feminine and romantic with a subtle edge.

TH: What fashion trends and essential pieces will we see come Spring 2010?

MB: There will be a continuation of romantic themes with a lot of draping, ruffles, and flouncy fabrics, as well as layering. We'll see more pieces with strong shoulders and one-shoulder designs, slouchy pants, and boyfriend blazers. Also 40s and 50 vintage inspired looks, which is actually a huge part of my design aesthetic.

Visit Mountains of the Moon for more.

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