Chic Lost Property Bags are Made from Old Coffee Sacks

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Photo: Lost Property
Lost Property of London takes abandoned and discarded coffee sacks and makes them into totes and bags. So do lots of other people but these have an edgy and chic look that takes them into the eco-luxury realm.

They come in a rucksack form, carry-on tote bag and over the shoulder bag. All parts of the bags are recycled and each one is unique.

lost property bag photo

Photo: Lost Property

The coffee sacks are from South American coffee beans and gathered up from coffee roasting houses. The Lost Property people take them away and turn them into these totes and week-end bags.

The lining is from ends of line stock as is the leather used. The small company is working hard to be environmental: all of their waste is recycled and their suppliers are vetted for ethical integrity.

The creator graduated from art school in London and always had an eye for abandoned and unused fabric. So that's what started her on the road to these eco totes and bags. She assures us that she "turns the tap off whilst we brush our teeth at night."

lost property bag photo

Photo: Lost Property

At £55-95 (around $85-155), the bags aren't cheap. They are part of the eco luxury movement in green fashion. The makers don't want to be seen as just green, they want to be part of the main stream of fashion and judged on their merits as such. In this way they can reach beyond the group who are already converts to the green fashion ethos, and reach a wider market.

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