Celebrating Green Consumer Day in Style

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Yesterday was annual Green Consumer Day, a day intended to build awareness around how even the smallest actions we take as individuals can help—or harm—the planet. To commemorate the occasion, we rounded up a selection of products—from reusable totebags to soy-based candles to vintage dresses—that not only make it easy to be green, but also allow you to stay stylish in the process.Reusable Shopping Bags: While food shopping (and we're sure you always go organic and local), make sure you forgo the one-use plastic bags. eBay users sure do: sales of items with the term "reusable shopping bag" have more than doubled in the past week vs. a week-long period approximately one year ago, while listings have more than triple.

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These colorful bags are stylish enough for toting around groceries, gym clothes or whatever else you cart around with you; right: Instead of wrapping up your produce and bulk-bin items in plastic, carry these re-usable bags with you; they're made especially for the grocery store.

Water Bottles: We can all help the planet by purchasing fewer water bottles and carrying reusable ones with us. According to the Food and Water Watch, bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per a year.

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This bottle is made from stainless steel that's free of BPA and other toxins. There are lots of similar options on eBay: product listings with the term "water bottle" are up 49 percent over the past week vs a week-long period approximately one year ago; right: Prefer your water bubbly? Try making your own seltzer instead of buying it at the store.

Soy Candles: There are multiple benefits to using soy-based candles: They're clean-burning (soy wax is non-toxic); they're biodegradable (soybeans are vegetables, so they're all-natural); and buy purchasing these candles, you're helping American farmers who depend on sales of soybeans and soybean products for their livelihood.

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Classic votive candles look elegant inside of (equally eco-friendly) vintage Mason jars. Plus, you can re-use the Mason jars later as vases; right: Scented soy candles are more aromatic than those made from paraffin wax. This one smells like lime, mandarin and basil.

Eco-friendly Lighting: Eco-friendly lightbulbs with a vintage or re-used lamp plugged into a Smart Surge power strip = triple green points.

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These eco-friendly bulbs cast a pleasant glow; right: An Eames era lamp has a retro-cool vibe.

Vintage clothing: Since the greenest item is always the one that already exists in the world, vintage clothing is a great green bet that's stylish too. The vintage selection eBay is ever-increasing: listings of vintage items in the Clothing, Shoes and Accessories category are 9 percent higher this week compared to a week-long period approximately one year ago.

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This romper is vintage and it's made by an eco-friendly designer--doubly whammy; right: This collectible, Art Deco mesh look is having a major style moment.

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This article was written by Lexi Green, a Brooklyn-based design, fashion, and shopping writer and contributor to eBayGreenTeam.com and TheInsideSource.com. She is currently a Master's Degree candidate at Pratt Institutes's environmental sustainability program.
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