Canada's First and Only Eco Fashion Award Needs Your Help!

nixxi spring 2011

2010 Design Forward Nominee, Nixxi. Photo: Nixxi

Do you want to be Canada's next top eco fashion designer? Canadian non-profit Fashion Takes Action's gave designer Nicole Bridger the Design Forward eco fashion award in 2010 but the 2011 title is up for the taking. (Full disclosure: I am on the 2011 Advisory Board.)

They're even opening it up to designers in the United States. America's next top eco fashion designer, anyone? But before we get ahead of ourselves, the non-profit needs your help. Here's how:

Last year, non-profit Fashion Takes Action devoted months of its time to the Design Forward award. With zero funding, they managed to pull together the bones of the award, from the website to the marketing and PR, and award a prize valued at over $50,000 to the winner.

nixxi spring 2011

2010 Design Forward Nominee, Lav & Kush. Photo: Lav & Kush

Well now it's year two, and the non-profit has exhausted its resources. And so, they're turning to Crowd Funding. That's where you come in. Through Fund Change, they're hoping to raise $2,000, an amount that will be matched with a grant. Their first push ends in less than one week and they are not even half way there. They're asking for support via Facebook and Twitter.

For Fashion Takes Action, it's not just about the award. It's about moving sustainable fashion forward. So in the name of eco fashion, give a thumbs up, a tweet, or maybe even some spare change. America and Canada's next top eco fashion designer will thank you.

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