Cadence EcoMatic Watch: Self Winding & Battery Free

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Having replaced the battery on my watch just last week, the incoming media release from Cadence held a certain irony. Their new Ecomatic wrist watch doesn't need batteries. It winds itself using the motion of the wearers wrist.

Not that self winding watches are a new idea. As Wikipedia explain its been around since 1923, when British watch repair John Harwood came up with the idea for an automatic watch. I don't go back quite that far, but some decades ago my parents bought me a watch to celebrate finishing school and it was a self-winding Seiko. I still have it and it still works. The reason I also have a battery operated watch is that I kept breaking the glass lens of the self-winding Seiko and one day a jeweller suggested it was cheaper to buy a new watch than for him to replace the glass and test it for waterproofness.

Cheaper Over Time
That jeweller was right and he was wrong. The purchase price may be cheaper. But he neglected to account for the added costs -- the replacement batteries and their environmentally toxic residue when discarded. A self-winding watch like Cadence's Ecomatic may cost a little more ($195 USD) than a cheap battery watch (although they are offering a 40% discount for pre-orders) but you'll never need to fork over for batteries again. Ever.

They also make make the point that you can extend your phone battery's life by not waking it up to see the time. Though I'd need to see the numbers on that before being convinced it's a significant benefit. (Another job for Ask Pablo?)

The Cadence Ecomatic has a stainless steel case, with a leather band and it's style alludes to the classic design of the Swiss railway watch popularised by Mondaine.

Another positive instance of less being more. Less batteries going to landfill. Less money spent on consumables. Less materials used due to the clean, simple design.

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