Caboclo — Ecological Jewellery From The Brazilian Rainforest

Caboclo is the Brazilian word describing someone of half white and half indian origin. This idea of mixed race and culture is behind the concept of importing traditional craftwork from the Brazilian Amazon to downtown Barcelona, which is where I recently came across the Caboclo label. As well as jewellery, they sell woven bags and leather sandals from their shop in the Gothic quarter, but it was the jewellery which caught our TreeHugger eye. Dramatic pieces are made from recycled sustainable materials, such as seeds, grasses and stones, collected from the forest floor. The jewellery is hand-made by local craftsmen and women and exported to Europe through Caboclo. We are not certain that the profits from this eco-jewellery go straight back to the skilled artisans who made it, helping to keep their traditional crafts alive, but we are really hoping that that is it the whole point.
:: Caboclo - Calle Dagueria 1, Barrio Gotico, Barcelona