BYO Shopping Bag


One of life's little annoyances: getting to the supermarket and discovering that, once again, you have forgotten to bring a bag for the groceries. More plastic bags destroying the environment... but here are two convenient--and eco-friendly--compact solutions. The Onya (as in, having one "onya") bag is so small that it can be attached to a key ring. It is made of parachute nylon, comes in 12 colours and holds about 14 quarts of goods. Another handy shopping bag is the Oneless bag with a pocket that allows it to be tucked away neatly. It is strong, light and easy to carry around. As an extra plus it is made of recycled saris so it comes in bright pinks and yellows--combining good design and ethical values. This bag is from the first edition of "Sustainable London", a directory of more than 50 small companies working with materials or ingredients that are either recycled, organic, fairly traded or environmentally kind. Since the creators are all involved in the production and design of clothing, accessories, furniture, stationery and foods, it is a veritable goldmine of stylish and responsible goods. :: Sustainable London