Buy This Tote, Save an Elephant

GG2G Born Free elephant tote photo

Photo credit: GG2G

If you tore through an entire box of Kleenex when Dumbo was cruelly ripped from his mother's side, you'll want to break out the tissue, hankies, paper towels, and TP for this one.

Animal captivity rarely has a Disney-constructed fairytale ending (or talking crows, for that matter, but we digress). Take Lota, for instance, an Indian elephant plucked from her native habitat at the age of one in 1951 and shipped off to Milwaukee. Forced to endure half a century of misery performing circus tricks and suffering the abuse of the bullhook, Lota was finally rescued and placed in the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where she spent the remaining 85 days of her life.

In honor of Lota—and to help kick off Born Free U.S.A.'s inaugural Keep Wildlife in the Wild WeekGG2G has created a limited-edition tote made from the billboards that featured her plight.

Printed with a silhouette of the elephant that inspired Born Free's campaign against caging animals, each $30 tote features extra-long handles for tucking the bag comfortably under your shoulder. Plus, 15 percent of profits will benefit Born Free, so you won't have to weep through another rendition of "Baby Mine" while feeling ineffectual.

You can save your tears for Bambi's mama, instead.

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