But will They Rename Them BioDiesel Jeans?


Everybody is jumping on the green bandwagon; now Diesel Jeans has launched its "Global Warming Ready" campaign, complete with an movie explaining global warming for the brain-dead, and how we should all wear tighter, more revealing clothes; 10 often inane things that you can do to stop global warming, and a plug for the Inconvenient Truth to make it all better. "We've touched right now on what is a tremendously hot button issue," said Joelle Berdugo Adler of Diesel . ". . . Global warming is the new issue of the decade, superseding things like health and poverty." Not a word anywhere about how or where their jeans are made, what the company is doing about its own carbon footprint, just silly pictures making a flooded New York and Mount Rushmore look very sexy and attractive. Derek Zoolander has more brains than this campaign. Watch and be appalled as ::Diesel redefines Greenwashing. All in vile flash so you should click on the fourth button over on the bottom. via ::Globe and Mail

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